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Vol 9 No 2. The beginner's guide to HR analytics

We have a great article on page 8 that will provide you with 3 simple steps to determine whether a candidate is the right fit for your organisation’s unique culture and work style.

Want to understand the business benefits of gender diversity?  See page 14.


Vol 9. No 1. Building a high performance organization

This issue focuses on the dynamics of employee engagement beginning with how you can hire better using workforce analytics through to how you can manage millennials. Understand why you should conduct a HR audit and how you can use stay interviews for employee retention purposes.


Vol 8. No 2. The ultimate guide to succession planning

Inside this issue you will find effective guidelines for selecting and working with a temp agency.  Learn how to capture a competitive advantage through strategic workforce planning to drive your key talent acquisition strategies.


Vol 8. No 1. Why leaders fail to deliver: voices from the front line

In this issue, starting on page 8, our ‘Focus On’ section is on leadership, and all that it entails-from hiring to onboarding, employee engagement, managing turnover costs, and using workforce analytics. Inside, you’ll also uncover 6 leadership tips to harness the power of effective teamwork and receive 7 steps to creating a winning team culture.


Vol 7. No 2. Six common mistakes in leading high performers

Stay ahead of the curve in talent management by learning how to create positive relationships at work and how to build effective, high-performing teams. On page 44, you’ll find a great article on performance management myths and facts.  


Vol 7. No 1. Why HR needs to adopt metrics and predictive analytics

Engagement surveys play a critical role in examining the health of an organisation. Use them along with exit interview data to help understand where you can make improvements in employee attraction, engagement and retention. 


Vol 6. No 2. Make your company more effective through workforce planning

Effective workforce planning will allow you to analyse and forecast your talent requirements, while identifying gaps between your long-term staffing needs and your available workforce supply. Check out the articles inside on how to properly address employee performance issues to improve upon your productivity and on staff retention.


Vol 6. No 1. Rethinking organizations from the outside in: talent, leadership, and culture

This issue focuses on the various principles behind effective leadership, team building and how to improve your employees’ productivity. Be sure to read the articles on employee engagement and on initiatives you can implement to reduce employee turnover in the first 90 days.


Vol 5. No 2. Aggressive strategies to win the talent war

How do you win the war on talent? Remember it’s not all about attraction but it most certainly starts with creating an effective recruitment strategy (see page 40). Also be sure to check out the articles inside this issue on team building and the importance of effective team communication.


Vol 5. No 1. How to ensure your people make don't break your customer's experience

Providing your employee’s with real time feedback and coaching are central to improving sustainable employee performance and productivity. Managing a multi-generational workforce can be challenging, so be sure to read the article on page 14.


Vol 4. No 2. The invisible workforce. How do you lead a team you cannot see?

Establishing proper performance standards for your employees will provide benchmarks, enabling them to decide how they are doing. See the article on page 36 entitled “Why Performance Standards are Key to Successful Employee Performance.


Vol 4. No 1. Focus on Drake Australia. Talent Management Solutions

Creating an effective employee rewards program can have a dramatic effect on lowering your cost of turnover. On page 6 you can find 6 guidelines to use when creating or revamping your employee rewards program.


Vol 3. No 2. What you need to know for career survival & success in the 21st century

Managing your own career can be daunting. Read how some leaders utilise these top ten career survival and success factors.

Workforce planning can improve your organisation’s productivity. Learn how on page 26.


Vol 3. No 1. The changing face of reward

Rebuild your profitability by balancing cost containment, performance improvement, talent engagement, and risk management-starting on page 8.

Here are 8 ways to overhaul your performance reviews and transform your corporate culture. See page 26.


Vol 2. No. 3. Engaging employees to retain customers

Inside this issue we offer you 7 effective strategies for building a great team.

Employee engagement differs from employee satisfaction and can truly affect organisational performance. See the article on page 8.


Vol 2. No 2. The five domains of high corporate performance

Strategy, Leadership, Talent, Culture and Market Focus. Read how one company leveraged these 5 domains to drive measurable performance and productivity improvement.

How can you address job performance without harming commitment or retention? See page 30.   


Vol 2. No 1. Stumbling to the top

Uncover the keys to employee engagement and personal performance improvement. Want to learn how to improve upon your hiring practices to pick winners and avoid hiring mistakes?  Check out the article on page 40.


Vol 1. No 2. Why intellectual capital is the currency for success

Employee engagement and retention starts with a successful onboarding and orientation program. The experiences you provide your new employees are critical to you lowering turnover and your cost to hire.


Vol 1. No 1. Predictive management. How to optimize human capital

Implement these 10 best practices for employee surveys and learn 9 great ways to bolster your employee engagement.

On page 36, we have an in-depth article on how to right size your organization to improve upon your profitability.