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Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Managing workforce levels is not a simple matter. Companies have to set  schedules, plan for vacations and react to unscheduled leave (sick days or absenteeism). Layer on top of this, the fact that many people aren't highly productive, which drives the demand for more employees. Drake has the know-how and analytical tools so that companies can plan for absences, not just react to  them, and optimize work levels.

Drake offers:

  • Analysis of fluctuations in workload and needed workforce levels
  • Analysis of historical trends in scheduled and unscheduled leave
  • Recommended policies for scheduling vacations
  • Systems for tracking and managing leave
  • Analysis of absenteeism and interventions to reduce it
  • Flexible staffing strategies

What is the End Result?

  • Optimal staff levels
  • Operations that are not disrupted by unexpected staff shortages
  • Reduced overheads and improved profits

How is it Done?

Drake Consultants meet with you to understand the areas of most concern, and then dive into a study of the data to identify trends. Having analyzed the situation in your organization Drake will make specific recommendations about policies, training, technologies, and staffing strategies that you can leverage for an effective workforce planning system.

What is the Payoff?

Workforce planning leads to reduced overtime costs and optimized head counts. It leads to fewer disruptions to production and customer service, and improves morale by establishing a clear and fair method for scheduling time off and distributing workloads.

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