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Onboarding & Orientation

Onboarding & Orientation

People are busy; sometimes too busy to help a new employee get on their feet quickly. Maximize your new employees' performance with a robust onboarding and orientation program. It will show you care and it will accelerate results.
This makes life unnecessarily stressful for the new employee who wants to become productive quickly. Additionally, organizations often don't facilitate the process consistently from one employee to the next. This leads to lost productivity and wasteful turnover. A small investment in an onboarding and orientation process ensures that new employees integrate smoothly into the organization and contribute to your bottom line quicker.

Contact your local Drake International office in Arcadia, California or Plantation, Florida to learn more about our Onboarding & Orientation Solution. 

Drake's onboarding and orientation solution offers:

  • A multi-stage process that can set the ground work even before the employee is hired, gets them successfully started in the critical first week, and follows up over the next twelve months to ensure they are on track
  • A variety of solutions can be tailored to your needs such as:
    • Online learning programs
    • Design of onboarding workshops with train-the-trainer sessions so you can deliver new employee training yourself
    • Facilitators to manage the process if your staff are pressed for time
    • Development of documented policies, training documents, user guides etc.

What is the End Result?

  • Higher productivity as new employees quickly learn the job and the organization
  • Less stress on your existing staff as new employees take on their share of the workload
  • A more effective and productive organization

How is it Done?

Drake Consultants study the existing onboarding and orientation processes and then custom design a program to suit your needs.

What is the Payoff?

By reducing the number of days it takes for an employee to become fully productive there is a direct and quicker return to the bottom-line.
Onboarding and Orientation will increase your employees' productivity and their retention rates, helping them become top performers faster.

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