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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

How are you helping your managers to build their skills? Are they developing into effective leaders? Drake's leadership solutions help good managers grow into strong leaders.

To learn more about our Leadership Development Solutions, contact one of our US branches in Plantation, Florida or Arcadia, California. 

Drake's approach to leadership development is grounded in our unique Picasso assessment solution. Assessment of individuals or teams provides scientific insights into styles, behaviours, and skills. Workshops and individual coaching draw on the insights Picasso uncovers, to help leaders build on their strengths while being able to assess and resolve weaknesses.

Drake offers:

  • One-on-one leadership development based on the findings of the Picasso assessments. The assessment gives insights into leadership and operating styles, reasoning, conflict management, personality traits, team roles and behavioural competencies
  • Team-building workshops to help leadership teams become more effective
  • Coaching for individuals or teams

What is the End Result?

  • Improved performance from your leaders based on new insights about their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Greater bench strength by grooming the next generation of great leaders
  • Better productivity from your staff as a result of that improved leadership

How is it Done?

Drake's Consultants partner with the client to identify business needs and set clear objectives. Drake develops and delivers leadership workshops customized to the specific situation.

What is the Payoff?

Good leaders are anxious for development and Drake's assessment solutions, coaching and workshops deliver the insight they need to be better leaders. Inspired leaders improve productivity, reduce turnover and attract Top Performers to the company.

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