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Drake Synergizer Workforce Analytics provides your HR department with real-time scenario modelling, generating powerful insights into your organization’s human capital investment.

Our highly visual, cloud-based solution consists of the fully interactive dashboards we customize for your organization or department by taking into account your unique data sources, business metrics, finance KPIs, and goals.

What makes Drake Synergizer unique?

Our Workforce Analytics Dashboard is the only platform to provide all these benefits:

  • Predictive analysis: Connect the critical data points throughout your company—finance, business intelligence, human resources, and more in a user-friendly way that everyone can understand.
  • Human capital financial statements: Measure your human capital ROI by integrating  financials with key talent management metrics to quantify the bottom-line impact of recruiting, training, productivity, turnover, trend shifts, and more.
  • ‘What if’ scenarios: Leverage the dashboard to perform predictive and cost-based analytics, including workforce planning, forecasting, and modelling.
  • Affordable solution for small to large workforces: This cost-effective solution can be customized to match your business needs whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, at a price-point you can afford.


What is the end result?

  • Effectively calculate the ROI on your human capital investments.
  • Create easy-to-understand visuals of your data to better educate your internal stakeholders.
  • Align your workforce strategy to your business strategy to increase your ROI.
  • Understand the links between employee engagement, customer satisfaction, revenue, and profits to better influence business outcomes.
  • Implement a flexible, scalable solution to fit your growth projections and new initiatives.

Contact us at solutions@na.drakeintl.com or 416 216 1067 for a demonstration of how Drake Synergizer can increase your organization’s profitability.

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