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Top Performer Profiling

top Performer Profiling

Do you know exactly what differentiates top performers from mid performers and
low performers in your key job functions?

Are you confident that your hiring process identifies people who will be top performers? Drake's skills assessments, psychometric instruments, and behavioural profiling tools help to analyse and profile top performers within a particular job in your organization. These same profiling solutions can then assist to remove subjectivity from the selection, development, and advancement processes, and put the priority on the true drivers of success.

Our Top Perforer Profiling Solution is available in Plantation, Florida and Arcadia, California. 

Drake's Top Performer Profiling solution identifies:

  • The behaviours, styles and preferences that fit your culture and business environment.
  • The knowledge and experience top performers have.
  • The skills and abilities that differentiate top performers from others.

Behavioural Assessments

Drake P3 - installed in over 2,000 sites worldwide, is an advanced behavioural and personality profiling solution that identifies the performance characteristics of successful employees.

Drake Picasso - clarifies personality profiles and individual capabilities. It is a powerful psychometric assessment tool used to determine leadership and operating styles, reasoning skills, conflict handling styles, personality traits, the role one plays within a team, occupational preferences, and behavioural competencies.

Skills and Knowledge Testing

DrakeWize: Administrative and Technical Skills Evaluations - With a suite of assessments covering over 100 Windows based applications and 50 MacIntosh programs, DrakeWize can accurately identify an individual's skill level in both general computer skills and a wide variety of specific computer applications. DrakeWize offers a broad selection of job-specific skills tests, including (but not limited to):

  • Accounting skills
  • Legal skills
  • Industrial skills
  • Clerical skills
  • Call centre skills
  • Medical skills
  • PC skills
  • IT skills

What is the End Result?

  • A scientific profile of your top performers that guides your hiring decisions, directs staff development programs, and aids in team building as well as succession planning and advancement.
  • Integration of this profile into your hiring process.
  • Training on how to use the assessment tools to select and develop only the best performers.

How is it Done?

The critical step is data gathering and analysis. Drake consultants meet with your management to understand hiring needs and collect data on the skills, knowledge and behaviours of top performers. This results in a Top Performer Profile that is then integrated into your hiring, training, and succession planning processes. HR is taught how to use the assessment tools to screen and match candidates to this profile. Finally, after the system has been implemented, Drake follows up to ensure the client is able to leverage the Top Performer Profile fully in driving measurable results.

What is the Payoff?

The difference between a top performer and an average performer is big enough to quickly provide a return on the investment in this solution. The big payoff is that you attract and hire the most talented individuals-people who are the right fit for you organization, not just the job.

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