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Skills Assessments

Skills Assessments

If multiple applicants (and existing employees) look the same on paper, how do you distinguish between them? Whether you are making a hiring decision or investing in training, you need to accurately evaluate a person's skills, knowledge and behaviours. This is readily done with Drake's on-line assessment solutions, helping to predict and shape on-the-job performance. Innovative skills assessments from Drake give you the insight you need to hire, develop and promote the people who can make a positive difference in our organization.  We assist businesses in executing Skills Assessments in Plantation, Florida and Arcadia, California. 

DrakeWize: Administrative and Technical Skills Evaluations

This is the ideal tool to assess prospective, new and existing employees.

With a suite of assessments covering over 100 Windows based applications and 50 MacIntosh programs, DrakeWize can accurately identify an individual's skill level in both general computer skills and a wide variety of specific computer applications including:

  • Software Skills
  • Clerical, Office, & Computer Literacy Skills
  • Productivity Testing Solutions
  • Call Center Skills
  • Legal Office Skills
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Medical Office
  • Nursing Skills
  • Industrial Skills
  • Food Service Skills
  • Retail Sales Skills
  • IT Skills
  • Staffing & HR Services Skills
  • Essential Level Tests
  • French Language Tests

How is it Done?

Drake has a library of existing tests that organizations can simply choose from if needed. If customized testing is needed, a Drake Consultant can help tailor an assessment solution to suit your unique needs.
All assessments are web-based, so no special hardware or IT skills are required.

What is the End Result?

  • Save time and money by reducing turnover and training requirements
  • Test in multiple languages
  • Easy-to-use test creation functionality
  • Combination of performance-based and knowledge-based questions

What is the Payoff?

  • Assistance in eliminating the guesswork out of attracting and selecting the right people for your position
  • Accurate assessment of an individual's skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • Measure essential job knowledge and skills for a wide variety of positions
  • Reduce test-taking time by 50% with our time-adaptive technology
  • Customize a test that precisely matches your job requirements
  • Help integrating testing into your HR processes.

The immediate payoff comes from preventing bad hires. Sometimes candidates sound good in an interview but don't actually have the needed skills or behavioural styles. Drake's assessment solutions ensure candidates really do have the skills and behaviours you need, and at the levels desired. Further savings come from ensuring training dollars are not wasted teaching skills at too low or too high a level.

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