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Drake Global Tech

Drake Global Tech

Might the global pool of talent be a solution for your organization?
Drake Global Tech is a global recruiting solution mobilizing top talent across continents.
The net extra costs are small. The benefits of filling your vacant positions are large.

We assist companies around the world whose ability to grow and create profit is being impacted by human capital shortages. Drake Global Tech leverages our worldwide resources and expertise to provide the very best in international recruitment and talent management services.

We will reduce the stress and risk out of your new recruit by verifying claims and background checks and take care of all the legal requirements of both the source and the home country. We also have the capacity to assist in facilitating the fast tracking of work permits, if required.

Drake Global Tech specializes in recruiting experienced mid to senior-level professionals, required at all phases of a project or program, be it from exploration phase through commissioning to full operationalization of the project or program, on a full- time or contract basis.

This includes all technical skills, procurement, sales and marketing, finance, general management, skilled and unskilled labor in these industries:

  • OIL & GAS

What is the End Result?

  • Worldwide Reach - Our network of 91 offices in 9 countries works cooperatively to share knowledge and resources.
  • Resources - Our experienced recruits have the support, research capabilities, databases, referrals and networking ability to locate the best skilled trade and professional talent in global search assignments.
  • Technology - Our exceptional and proprietary behavioral and skills assessment solutions ensure a strong fit for your organization.

How is it Done?

Drake's Consultants communicate with HR and top management to assess your recruiting requirements and where you need help. We will work with you to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace environment to develop a clear picture of your needs, then analyze data that identifies the key skills, knowledge and behaviors required for each role within your organization. Drake Global Tech will then leverage our worldwide resources and expertise to seek out and send you a short-list of only the very best.

What is the Payoff?

Is your organization facing challenges resulting from skills and talent shortages? Do you risk missing deadlines due to lengthy unfilled positions?
In a global economy, many countries are experiencing shortages of talent and skill sets in certain regions. When this happens, the traditional domestic recruitment process is no longer effective. Talented candidates become difficult to find and even more difficult to attract. Eventually, organizations may find positions remaining vacant for months because they just cannot fill them.
If this sounds like you then Drake Global Tech is your solution. Our service and worldwide resources have established us as a leading provider of international recruiting and talent management solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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P.O. Box 3
320 Bay Street, Suite 1300
Toronto, ON, M5H 4A6
(416) 216-1114

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