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Behavioral Assessments

Behavioural Assessments

Simply Put, the Better the Fit, the Better the Hire.

Are you looking to improve your company's bottom line performance by hiring top performers, reducing turnover, raising productivity, increasing employee loyalty, improving overall job satisfaction and making a difference in your organization?

A key challenge during recruitment is differentiating candidates who do well in interviews from candidates who will do well in the actual position. Often they can be mutually exclusive. The goal for any recruitment strategy should be to attract a top performer who will reach a higher level of productivity in a shorter time-frame and, ultimately, stay with your company for a long time.

Drake P3

Drake P3 provides employers with objective, science-based, behavioural and personality profiles. For job candidates, their report lets employers understand their personal strengths, leadership style, decision-making style, energy level, motivational needs and stress levels - insights that are not usually learned through the application and interview process

Drake Picasso

Clarifies personality profiles and individual capabilities. It is a powerful psychometric assessment tool used to determine leadership and operating styles, reasoning skills, conflict handling styles, personality traits, the role one plays within a team, occupational preferences, and behavioural competencies.

How is it Done?

A role profile should be built around existing top performer's skills, knowledge and behavior. P3 and Picasso assessments will match candidates to this role profile and distinguish them as future key contributors in your organization.

What is the End Result?

  • Reduce turnover and lower employee acquisition costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve quality of communication
  • Increase the effectiveness of training initiatives
  • Reduce the costs of training and orientation
  • Develop a motivated, focused team
  • Maintain a long-term productive team environment
  • Improve your retention strategy

What is the Payoff?

The difference between a top performer and an average performer is big enough to quickly provide a return on the investment in this solution. The big payoff is that you attract and hire the most talented individuals-people who are the right fit for your organization, not just the job.

Uniquely, Drake P3 and Picasso forms part of a more complete hiring regime which helps organizations hire the best candidate the first time…the candidate with real top-performer potential.

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