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Career Advice

  • Having difficulty finding that job of your dreams?
  • Do you find that you are sending out endless resumes, without any response from prospective employers?
  • How do you get the attention of those who are advertising and give yourself the best chance for an interview?

This section has been designed to provide you with informative tips and hints on how you can break away from the pack and help you find a job you love!

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Customising Your Resume

Interview Questions to Prepare For

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Interview

Asking the Right Questions

Tips on Networking & Meeting People

Infosheet-06 Infosheet-07 Infosheet-08 Infosheet-09 Infosheet-10

Resume Tips for Temps

Cutting to the Chase with Cover Letters

Five Keys to Job Hunting Success

Common Resume Blunders

Putting Recruitment Firms to Work for You

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Navigating the Hidden Job Market

Understanding Yourself

How to get "Experience"

You will be Googled

Your Guide to Personal & Professional Development

Drake Can Assist You With Your Resume

To find out more about our current temporary and permanent roles, you can also contact one of our Drake Recruitment Consultants today on 1 800 GO DRAKE

Remember: If you have been arranged the interview through an agency, remember to contact your consultant before and immediately after the interview. We want to know what you thought of the interview and think of the position.

Good luck.

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