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Drake Business Review

The Drake business review is a worldwide publication for senior management that will help you meet the challenges and opportunities in your business - right now! This is your "in" to innovative ideas and articles that will assist to improve your business results, allowing you and your company to outperform.

We also publish a monthly electronic newsletter called the Drake Business Review - Online, to keep you updated in between Drake Business Review editions.

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DBR Vol9n2 Small 150X194

Volume 9: Number 2

  • Identify who is about to quit
  • The beginner’s guide to HR Analytics
  • Create the Conditions to Ensure Team Success
  • Focus on: Making the Right Hire
  • 8 Core Competencies Every Leader should Possess

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DBR Vol9n1 Small 150X194

Volume 9: Number 1

  • Management Tips: Seven Ideas to Get the Most from Your People
  • Workforce Analytics: HR's Strategic Asset
  • The Dynamics of Employee Engagement
  • Are You a Leader or a Manager?
  • When Should You Fire a Good Enough Employee?

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DBR Vol8n2 Small 150X194

Volume 8: Number 2

  • Management Tips: Profiting from Business Challenges
  • Choosing the Best Service for your Temporary Staffing Needs
  • Capture a Competitive Advantage through Workforce Planning
  • Focus on High-Potential Talent
  • The HR Audit: An Essential Improvement Tool

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DBR Vol8n1 Small 150X194

Volume 8: Number 1

  • Management Tips: 6 Leadership Tips to Harness the Power of Teamwork
  • Focus on Leadership
  • Leading from a Distance: How to Manage Remote Employees
  • Seven Steps to Creating a Winning Team Culture
  • How to Address Negativity in a Positive Way

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DBR V7N2 Small 150X194

Volume 7: Number 2

  • Six Common Mistakes in Leading High Performers
  • Powerful Metrics to View Your Talent Impact
  • Building an Effective Team
  • Performance Management Myths and Facts
  • How to Build Positive Relationships at Work

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DBR V7N1 Small 150X194

Volume 7: Number 1

  • Management Tips: 10 ways to Keep Virtuosos Engaged
  • The Strategic Benefits of Outsorcing
  • 9 Characteristics of an Effective Executive Team
  • How to Help Others Resolve the Conflict
  • How to Handle Exit Interviews

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DBR V6N2 Small 150X194

Volume 6: Number 2

  • Employee Performance: Do You Have Fizzlers or Sizzlers?
  • How to Build a Resilient, Stress-Resistant Workforce
  • Hiring Smart
  • 8 Ways to Handle Employee Objections when Delegating Tasks
  • How to become the best leader you can be

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Volume 6: Number 1

  • Five Critical Skills for Team Leadership
  • Reduce Employee Turnover in the First 90 Days
  • Feedback That Inspires Passion and Performance
  • How to Predict Managerial Success
  • Measuring the Impact of Absenteeism and Turnover

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Dbr -email -header -new -fall -edition -vol 5n2

Volume 5: Number 2

  • Management Tips: Six Tips for Rejecting Bad Ideas
  • Five Things That Deteriorate Team Communication
  • How to Manage High and Low Performers
  • Put Leadership on Parade: Communicate with Power
  • Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Most Do in 12 Months

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Volume 5: Number 1

  • How to Ensure Your People Make, Don't Break Your Customer's Experience
  • Motivating & Inspiring Your People in Difficult Times
  • Why You Need to Build Trust to Boost Performance
  • How to Instill Behaviours That Support Your Corporate Strategy
  • The Ten People Mistakes Leaders Make

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Volume 4: Number 2

  • Ten Ways to Keep Your Star Employees
  • What's your Leadership Bailout Plan?
  • Business Process Outsourcing Reaps Rewards
  • How to Avoid 8 Common Mistakes in Managing Change

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Volume 4: Number 1

  • The Myths About Rewarding Employees
  • Succession Planning - How Deep is Your Talent Pool?
  • The 3 Pillars of Executive Onboarding
  • 6 Key Principles for Managing Remote Employees
  • The Key Steps to Building Teams

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Volume 3: Number 2

  • 10 Ways to Create an Employee-Centered Workplace
  • Creating Chaos to Develop a High-Performance Organization
  • How to Resolve Conflicts Rationally and Effectively
  • Workforce Planning Improves Productivity
  • How to Retail Sales Talent in a Competitive Market

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Volume 3: Number 1

  • 10 Tips to Take Your Customer Service From Drab to Fab
  • How Winning Small Businesses Think Big & Save Smart
  • 8 Ways to Overhaul Performance Reviews and Transform Your Culture
  • 6 Steps to Simplify Remote Management
  • Dealing With Difficult Employees

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Volume 2: Number 3

  • Great Minds Don't Think Alike
  • Kick Start Your Talent Machine
  • 7 Strategies for Building a Great Team
  • Strategic Planning: Don't be Myth Led
  • The Onboarding Stages Critical for Employee Retention

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